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Empowered Style:
Fearless Confidence & Positive Impact

Kicking off week of 25th September 

It’s 7am on a Monday morning, you have a BIG meeting at 10, you finish the last sip of your morning coffee & head upstairs to get ready. You open your wardrobe to a collection of things that excite you. You know exactly what to put together to nail your meeting. You get ready…leave the house at 8, zero stress and you LOOK & FEEL like you could take on the world


Welcome to THE experience for the professional woman who is ready to step up & unapologetically express her power so she can finally smash her career goals WITH STYLE. 


Empowered style will take you on an incredible journey transforming your style and body confidence. Ready to show up boldly, authentically & with purpose all whilst curating a wardrobe that expresses who you are both personally & professionally?


(who knew cleverly selected pieces could get you exactly what you want in life…cue Carrie Bradshaw) 

Is This Style Experience For You?

Maybe you feel like you have reached the next level in your career but somewhere along the way you lost your style & it’s making you feel like you're behind.


AND maybe you spend too much of your time faking confidence because you actually doubt the way you look & you know it’s impacting your potential.


The thing is you have been so committed to your career, you’ve lost sight of what makes you the unique woman & leader you are. 


You have come to a point where you no longer know what suits you! What colours enhance your skin tone. Or what pieces to put together to hit that board meeting with certainty.

So...if you're ready to,,,

  • Show up to the office with confidence because you are not just “put together” have mastered the art of balancing professionalism and personality. 

  • Make an unforgettable first impression which perfectly conveys your personality & personal brand (we all have one)...

  • STOP feeling lost & unsure of what your style is. Stop going out to buy new things only to end up feeling more overwhelmed & feeling more frumpy

  • Feel excited by what you’re wearing, no more recycling the same 4 things from the top of the ironing pile because your wardrobe is curated with gorgeous signature pieces.

  • Give up comparing yourself to what everyone else is wearing and feeling like you would be further along if you could just nail that casual / relaxed style like your best friend.

  • Be done with feeling uncomfortable in your body. You are tired of walking past the mirror in the toilet feeling like you don’t quite recognise who you see and you want to feel comfortable, like your clothes are a second skin. 

  • To never have to resort to leggings & a top when working from home ever again, because your style has reached a new level of effortless chic. Even your ‘jeans and a nice top’ is next level.

  • You want to know exactly what to add to your wardrobe without spending a small fortune on fast fashion.

It's nice to meet you…I’m Alex & I am here to help you transform your style. I have over 18 years of style expertise, including 15 years as a Fashion Buyer for the likes of Amazon and Marks & Spencer.


I know exactly what it feels like to reinvent yourself…I did exactly that after becoming a Mum to my gorgeous daughter, when I felt like I’d lost my identity, my body shape had changed and I had to start again with my wardrobe, (in a more sustainable way). I have meticulously put this group experience together to not only transform how you see yourself personally but also be supported by a group of other women on the same journey as you.

What Can You Expect From
The Empowered Style Experience?

  1. Imagine feeling so unstoppably confident you are ready for your next professional / personal goal.

  2. You will not only embrace but love your body shape & size (because you know exactly how to dress it) will more than likely ditch those scales for good.

  3. You will learn what colours work together and begin to understand your own colours so that inner & outer glow radiates so intensely people are asking what you’ve had done.

  4. You will create a capsule wardrobe that feels like your own VIP boutique in your bedroom. 

  5. You will have your own outfit formula so you are never struggling to get ready for anything again.

  6. You will drop that fear of judgement, once & for all, because you have nailed your style & everyone knows it. 

  7. You will develop a tool kit to buy consciously so you are not only radiating style, you’re positively impacting the planet. 

  8. You will save time on worrying about what to wear, so that you can redirect that energy back into FUN & doing the things you love. 

  9. Feel confident to show up authentically as YOURSELF, feeling comfortable with being VISIBLE

  10. Feel empowered to harness the POWER OF STYLE to communicate your personal brand, and make a positive and lasting first impression

Program Schedule

  • Week 1 (week of 25th September but you can enrol after) Connect Learn to let go of fears around body image, size, & looks and be free to be yourself. Step outside of your comfort zone. Breaking Down Barriers of Societal Conditioning to enable you to identify patterns and behaviours influenced by this. 

  • Week 2 Unleash Your Creativity Learn the psychology behind colours and which suit your personality and brand best. Begin to understand which colours suit your skin tone, eye and hair colour best. Use these to build your style personality from.

  • Week 3 Unleash Your Creativity Embrace your creative spirit to design the version of yourself you aspire to be. Style Personality - identify the unique ingredients which make up your style formula. Unleash your unique style and show up with authority, making a lasting impression.

  • Week 4 Cultivate - Learn What Works Uniquely For You. Body Image & Shape - what is yours and how to dress to fit and flatter your shape & size, to embrace yourself where you’re at now. 

  • Week 5 Integration Week - Half term! 

  • Week 6 Cultivate & Curate - a wardrobe that reflects your vision, creates the right first impression and conveys your personal brand. Wardrobe Edit - detox your wardrobe to save time and money and boost your confidence


  • Week 7 Cultivate & Curate - Capsule Wardrobe - learn the key items to pull your wardrobe together, ditch the overwhelm. Each piece is carefully selected to inspire and elevate your style. Styling tips and tricks to create less from more and inspire creativity.

  • Week 8 Conscious Impact - Style with purpose, making conscious choices that positively impact your confidence and the world around you. Embrace your role as a leader with a mindful and empowering presence. Sustainable Shopping - focus on fabrics and policies and key tools to avoid greenwashing. Preloved Shopping - how and where to shop plus top tips to save you money.

  • Week 9 Embrace Courage - (week of 20th October final week, but available to enrol after) Deep Dive Style Call

The Empowered Style program embodies the essence of the 5 C’s, empowering you to show up confidently, authentically, and with purpose, while curating a wardrobe that speaks to your unique personality and aspirations. 

Are you ready to embrace your inner power and make a conscious positive impact through your style? Join the Empowered Style program and elevate your presence as a leader and trailblazer in your industry!

What's The Investment?

Usual Investment

£199 a month / 3 months

£555 if paid upfront in total


Early Bird Bonuses

If you book onto the program before 25th September you get additional £249 bonuses:

  1. BONUS 60 minute introduction 121 Style Consultation to help us get to know each other, and identify the key areas you’d like support with, during the program so that I can personalise content each week to meet your specific needs. Worth £150 for the FIRST 5 PEOPLE ONLY!

  2. Plus a BONUS 45 minute session with The Peer Coach on Character Strengths worth £99 where you'll get to authentically connect with your true self, embodying your unique personality. Learn to identify your character strengths and build on them to achieve your true potential. Embody your unique personality in every aspect of your life.

Frequently Asked Questions...
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