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How to Accessorise

15 November 2020

This was a requested topic in my Facebook group this week, so I thought I would share it as a blog post too, as it’s not something I tend to talk about a lot on my social media channels. Having worked as a Handbag Buyer for 5 years at Marks & Spencer, I worked closely with the Womenswear, Accessories and Footwear teams to build collections that would work together and know the importance of a good accessory and how it can elevate your outfit. I’m going to break this down into the top trend pieces and ways to accessorise this year, but these ideas are pretty timeless! If you’d like any other specific help or ideas, please drop me a message here on my website, or on my social media via DM.

Oversized Collar The statement or oversized collar has to be one of the biggest trend items this year, and is the perfect way to accessorise your outfit, particularly for work video calls. You don’t have to buy items of clothing with a collar on, you can also buy collars on their own which can be attached to your favourite jumper, top or dress. This could be with a popper, tie detail or button attachment. It’s a seamless way to instantly add interest to an otherwise plain top or dress. I’ve found lots of collars both on the high street and handmade by independent brands, see some examples below.

Clockwise from top left - Monki, Daisy Bee Necklines, Minkie London, Monki and Daisy Bee Necklines

Belts Belts can be tricky, and something a lot of women wouldn’t even consider in their outfit. But there are countless different ways to style them in your outfit. It’s very on trend this season to wear your belt waisted over your favourite coat, blazer or cosy jumper. I personally love this style and it can work for a lot of body shapes to accentuate your waist. It’s particular perfect if you’re a pear or hourglass shape to focus the eye on the smallest part of your frame at the waist. See some inspirational photos on this below from Pinterest and Instagram.

Waist belts can also be great to draw in your waist when wearing an oversized or ‘buffet’ style dress so that you don’t feel swamped with all of the fabric and can create more of a silhouette. I prefer slim belts for this, but some Stylists also love the wide suede belts with covered buckles which can also look fab. The most obvious way to accessorise with a belt is to wear it on your trousers or jeans on the hip or waist. The most popular belt of the last couple of years has been the Gucci logo belt, but there are lots of alternatives out there preloved and on the high street. I share an H&M example in my recent Shop Share TV video which accompanies this blog post, see below.

Scarves and Hats I love a good beanie or pom pom hat and a cosy scarf in the winter, and beanies continue to be a strong trend this season. There’s lots of bright statement colours and geometric prints this season which are an ideal way to add some interest to a simple block colour coat or black jacket. This is one of the things I love about accessories, if you’re not brave enough to wear colour and print in your clothing, they’re the perfect way to experiment with it. I’ve included some of my favourites in my Shop Share TV video below. The vintage inspired neck scarf is also a key trend item this season and can be another great way to elevate a plain top for a zoom call, or can be tied on a handbag or around your head as a headband, endless options. This is also featured in my video.

& Other Stories Neck Scarf

Headbands Since having my baby last year, headbands have been a life saver on days where I don’t have time to wash or blow dry my hair, but want to feel pulled together in what I’m wearing. They add an instant talking point and highlight to your outfit, and can be matched to other colours or prints in your look to create synergy. I love to wear my H&M leopard print headband with other leopard print clothing or accessories. But make sure you keep it broken up and try and match the colours in the prints when doing this, so it doesn’t look overkill. Some examples of my favourites can be found in my Shop Share TV video below.

Jewellery My favourite piece of advice when it comes to accessorising with jewellery is to layer! I love a bit of arm candy with layered bracelets that match the metal tone in your watch, or necklaces layered at 3 different lengths to create interest when wearing a round or v neck plain top. You can see examples of this in the first image at the start of the blog, from Pinterest. My second go to is a statement earring, it’s such a simple way to add some bling to your outfit. One of the biggest trends for earrings this year is the resin look. Whether that be in prints such as tortoiseshell or colour pops as per the French Connection earrings below, there’s something for everyone. A game changer for your working from home style!

& Other Stories and French Connection Earrings

Colour Pop or Printed Accessories & Footwear My final accessorising tip is to add a pop of colour or print. The best way to do this is to pick a colour from a print or piece of clothing in your outfit and add an accessory to match. There are a couple of examples below, such as the blazer that has a subtle yellow line in the check, that has been matched to the bold yellow handbag. Some consider it a fashion cardinal sin, but I personally love matching prints in my accessories and clothing. I often wear my snake print boots or shoes with my snake print t-shirt. It really elevates your look and makes you look chic and like you’ve made an effort with your style. Be bold and brave with your accessories in your workwear too, why not try a red headband or bracelet. They will draw attention to your outfit in a positive way, colour always makes other people happy too! A tonal, gradient look of bright colour pops like the image below is also another fab way to wear colour in your outfits and accessories.

Pinterest Colour Pop Inspiration

Check out my Shop Share TV video below, where I talk you through these ideas using my Pinterest board, and you can find shoppable links which lead you directly to the items featured, so no hassle trying to find the items I’ve discussed. Shop Share TV Video with Shoppable links

Pinterest Inspiration Board - How to Accessorise

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