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New Year Style Goals

If you're anything like me, you're probably sick of reading and hearing about the various guises of 'New Year, New Me', setting your New Years Resolutions, and getting back on track with your diet and exercise regime?! I am however, a great believer in setting your intentions for the year ahead in order to stay focused on what you want to achieve. Once you're clear on that you can follow it up with the appropriate actions and not be swayed by what everyone else is telling you that you need to do!

So with that in mind, I wanted to share my Top 5 Goals for 2022 which I share with my clients who are wanting to create a transformation with their style and mindset. This list is only a top 5 and not exhaustive, but gives you an idea of the things we focus on when working to create a Sustainable Style & Unshakeable Confidence.

  1. Get Comfortable in Your Own Skin this is always step one when working with me, you can't achieve the transformation you're searching for with your style, without changing your mindset first. You have to work on body acceptance, embracing your size and shape as they are now and understanding what works for YOU and your own unique personality, colouring, size and shape, alongside your values. It also comes down to self care, you have to be prepared to invest in yourself and look after yourself. Believe you're worth it!

  2. Shop Your Wardrobe First fellow stylist Janine Coney of Own Your Style always talks about your wardrobe being your own VIP Boutique, which I love. This is exactly how I want my clients to feel about their wardrobes. Use the trends as inspiration to create fresh looks in your existing wardrobe, and not as a reason to go out and buy into needless newness that will sit unworn in your wardrobe. Every season, start with your wardrobe first and build from there. This is where a stylist can help you with a fresh pair of eyes and new ideas.

  3. Wash Less, Wear More one of the biggest learnings on my journey to becoming a more conscious consumer, has been not only learning to maximise my existing wardrobe, but also the number of times I'm wearing before washing. The amount of microplastics released into the ocean is having a catastrophic impact on the planet, alongside the environmental impact of detergents and washing machines, tumble dryers etc. You will also find that wearing more and washing less helps your garments to stay fresh for longer. Denim for example is not made to be washed every time you wear it. The lifespan of your jeans will increase the less you wash, and it's not dirty! Learn to freeze your knitwear, and spot clean your jeans!

  4. Buy Secondhand First, Always being sustainable has never been so fashionable! But it's not just about buying into more ethically minded brands, we can reduce our impact a lot further by extending the lifecycle of garments already in existence. You can also feel good about your impact in supporting charities doing important work through buying second hand. You'll also be creating your own unique style, who wants to look like every other person who's shopping the high street?

  5. Buy Less, Buy Better, Invest in quality pieces made to last this has always been my mantra, and one I have learnt from mistakes over the years. Having made the mistake of buying a cheap version of something I love, only to have to replace it not long down the line, spending as much money in the long term as I would've done if I'd invested in a quality item in the first place. Being more considered in our purchases and saving up for items we love, also sparks a lot more joy and makes the items in our wardrobe treasured pieces, rather than thoughtless purchases.

Are you looking to achieve your Style goals in 2022 but not sure how? My Sustainable Signature Style Solution Program could be the perfect answer for you. It's a bespoke, in depth 60 day program of 5 styling sessions. if you’d like to find out more, book in a free call with me to discuss your style goals here

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