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My Story


Who Am I

Hi I'm Alex Standley, founder of Luxe Leopard Lifestyle.  I am a mother of 1 and have worked in the Fashion Industry for the last 16 years, starting with my 1st class honours degree in Fashion Management from London College Of Fashion. 

I help clients to understand what really works for them and how they can buy more consciously when filling any gaps in their wardrobe. I think my husband thought I was crazy setting up a business whilst sleep deprived and trying to get my head around being a new mum, but I felt this was my calling. So I took the leap to further strengthen my many years of experience in the fashion industry, and trained with a leading Personal Stylist 121 to fill my knowledge gaps.


I got off the fast fashion train and got my identity back through my style, as a strong ambitious woman with a creative look, by identifying what suited my new body shape, which colours transformed and lifted my appearance and what patterns, styles and shapes fitted my signature style.


I then started teaching women how they can do the same: I watched their transformations from stuck in a style rut, lacking confidence and continuously buying into the same things, to being clear on their unique style personality, shining with confidence knowing what colours and styles work for them, and feeling good about incorporating more sustainable and conscious habits into their lifestyle. 


I have since made a commitment to dedicate the rest of my professional life to helping other women who want to align their wardrobe with their values and spark the confidence they’re missing, through their style. 


I’ve worked with many private clients and spoken in front of countless groups: I lived my dream of being a successful stylist helping other women to get clear on their unique sustainable style personality, creating a sustainable wardrobe that they will love forever. Saving time and money through developing a completely unique style to fit with their own personality and lifestyle.


I have created the Sustainable Signature Style Solution™, a series of 5 sessions where you’ll uncover your unique sustainable style personality and colour palette. Whilst educating you on how to be a more conscious consumer, the ‘right’ places to shop and how to style the key pieces in your wardrobe to make getting dressed in the morning an enjoyable and seamless experience. 


For every woman who is time poor, and wanting to achieve a more sustainable style. Which will last for years to come and create a unique signature style for her, to spark the confidence she is looking for. So she can shine, knowing that she is improving the future of our planet whilst looking amazing.

My Brand

Luxe Leopard Lifestyle originated from my love of a beautiful aesthetic, the statement print I am known for, and my role as the 'go to' person amongst friends, family and colleagues not only for Fashion and style advice but all manner of lifestyle choices such as what's the hottest new restaurant, best hotel, top nail salon etc.

I'm really passionate about helping people feel good about themselves whilst sharing my years of industry experience, encyclopaedic knowledge of the high street and top styling tips.