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Fearless Style: Unleash Your Inner Confidence 
The Challenge

It's time to step into authentic confidence, and own your style unapologetically!

Finally achieve that inner knowing that you have nailed your style, and love the wardrobe you've curated!

Bring the joy back in getting dressed every day.

FREE Confidence & Style Coaching Challenge and Masterclass

11th - 14th September

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Is This You?

Do you feel like you’ve stepped up in your life goals but lost your sense of style along the way?

Are you faking confidence more than you’re feeling it? Stuck in a style rut?

Have you lost sight of what makes you the unique woman and leader that you are?

You might be feeling like you don't know what suits you anymore, and lacking the confidence to show up unapologetically with your style?

Sometimes it’s an overwhelming lack of confidence which drives a desire to make a change, and sometimes it’s a relentless ‘meh’ feeling which tells you enough is enough.

This challenge will help to empower you to show up confidently, authentically, and with purpose, while curating a wardrobe that speaks to your unique personality and aspirations.

Want to Reconnect with your Style?

Join Alex on Monday 11th September for 4 days of live style coaching, including the opportunity to have all your authentic confidence and style questions answered.

  • Learn how to step into your authority and own your style unapologetically

  • Unearth the power of style to transform the way you feel when you show up as your true self

Day 1 - Define Your Style Vision

Reflect on your style aspirations and create a style vision board that aligns with your personal and professional goals. Pick your 3 words that you want to stand for.

Day 2 - Power Dressing becomes Dopamine Dressing!

Learn the art of Dopamine Dressing and colour psychology, how to select outfits that exude confidence and authority for different occasions. Power dressing is not about conforming to a specific look but about finding a style that empowers you and aligns with your personality.

Day 3 - Embrace Your Authenticity

Use your existing wardrobe to create outfits that align with your style vision. Explore how to embrace your authentic self through style. Experiment with unique pieces that reflect your personality and elevate your confidence.

Day 4 - 5 C's of Empowered Style Masterclass

The Empowered Style Masterclass teaches the essence of the 5 C's, empowering you to show up confidently, authentically, and with purpose, while curating a wardrobe that speaks to your unique personality and aspirations.

If you’re ready to create a style that makes you feel your best, so you can step forward with energy, excitement and effortless authority, this is the challenge for you.

You’ll learn how to create your unique style personality and show up with authenticity, to feel your most naturally confident self.

SPECIAL PRIZES: take part in the activities designed to help you harness the power of your style, and you’ll be in with a chance of winning fabulous prizes at the end of the week!

Meet Your Host


Alex Standley, Luxe Leopard Lifestyle

I'm Alex, a Personal Stylist with 18 years’ experience in the Fashion Industry. I run my own styling business called Luxe Leopard Lifestyle. I started my career with a 1st Class Honours Degree from London College of Fashion and after graduating, I worked as a Fashion Buyer for the likes of M&S and Amazon for 15 years.


I help busy professional women and female founders, who feel stuck in a style rut, to reignite their confidence through their style. Creating a sustainable and individualised approach to fashion, as opposed to looking 'like everyone else'. I help you to own your style unapologetically and show up as the woman you aspire to be!

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