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How to do an At Home Wardrobe Detox

As part of my #nobuyingnew challenge for January in my Facebook group I've

been sharing my top tips for decluttering your wardrobe at home, as I feel like this is the best time to take advantage of doing so. I have been working on my wardrobe this year with my snazzy pink velvet hangers which are a mixture of TK Maxx and, bought last year. It made me so happy getting organised I wanted to share my tips to inspire others to do the same.

My top tips for those of you who might be decluttering your wardrobes this month:

1. Get everything out of your wardrobe (this might seem daunting but is totally necessary, if you're short of space, do it in stages)

2. Try things on, anything that doesn’t fit or you don’t feel comfortable in, add to an ebay or charity shop pile

3. Bear in mind how you could alter items if you love them and can’t bear to part with them, for example getting trousers taken up or dying a dress a different colour using Dylon dye

4. Take photos of outfits you like as you try them, to make it easier getting ready in the morning. Stick them on the inside of your wardrobe door for inspiration

5. Buy some flat, space saving velvet hangers to create extra space in your wardrobe and help keep clothes in good condition

6. Don’t forget to be realistic about your current lifestyle and what clothes work with that! Don’t cling on to those heels that you used to wear all the time if you’re now a mum running around after little ones and only wear them once a year

7. Put the items back into your wardrobe by product category, e.g. all of your jeans together, all skirts together and all tops together. This will help you to find things more easily. If you want to be super organised, you could also organise by colour within each category too! It's amazing how uplifting this organisation can feel once it's finished!

8. You could also try putting everything you want to keep back in your wardrobe with the hangers facing one direction. Then each time you wear something turn the hanger around, that way at the end of a set time period e.g 6 months, you can see how much of your wardrobe you actually wear and cull accordingly!

Get in touch if you’d like any help with a wardrobe edit, with the current circumstances I’m doing Online Wardrobe Edits via FaceTime, WhatsApp video call or Zoom! Or if you just want an hour of my time to help then I can book you in for a bespoke service. Head over to I also offer free 20 minute discovery calls to have a chat about what service might suit you best.

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