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Reflecting on My Wardrobe & Style in 2023

Updated: Dec 23, 2023

Personal Stylist wearing a Stella Nova Dress, Preloved Bomber Jacket and Gucci handbag at Luton Hoo Hotel

As we close out 2023, I wanted to reflect on my blog post back in January, where I set my style resolutions for 2023 for myself and my clients. And talk about where I landed with my own shopping habits and purchases this year (scroll down to the next heading to get to the good bit with the juicy details!).

Here is an excerpt from 2023 Style Resolutions blog post as a reminder:

My mission this year as a Personal Stylist is to help empower as many women as possible to feel empowered in your own skin, and be authentically you. It's been a difficult few years for everyone and this year definitely feels like the time to focus on and invest more in yourself, and in doing so, show up as the best version of you for everyone else in your life.

So my Style Resolutions for me and my clients for 2023 are:

  1. Learn to love and accept all of who you are, feel empowered in your own skin, by seeing the beauty in being unique.

  2. Save time, money and energy by focusing on a capsule wardrobe suited to all your lifestyle needs.

  3. Eradicate over consumption and buying into trends that simply don’t work for you, (saving £5-£10K a year according to research from my clients).

  4. Fall back in love with the joy of style and dress for yourself, get the confidence you’ve been craving for years.

  5. Get a wardrobe that feels like your own VIP Boutique with endless statement outfits, pulled together with ease.

  6. Breakthrough the fear of judgement and own your style unapologetically.

  7. Learn to shop with a more conscious mindset taking into consideration people and planet, second hand first always and if not, sustainable brands and investment pieces

  8. Buy Less, Choose Well, Make it Last, be more Vivienne!

I definitely feel we have collectively ticked off this list. I've loved collaborating with other female owned businesses to bring you lots more content and tools to feel empowered in your own skin. All of my masterclasses and challenges this year have been about saving you time, money and energy by focusing on what works uniquely for you and building out your capsule wardrobe of dreams!

I've loved working 121 on my Luxe Style Formula with clients to be your fairy style godmother in creating your own VIP Boutique at home, with a catalogue of outfits for every occasion. And I've really enjoyed collaborating with charities this year on spreading the message about secondhand fashion and reducing your impact.

Personal Stylist reading fashion magazine in a Joanie dress

So what did I add to my wardrobe this year?

This brings me on to point 7, shopping with a more conscious mindset. Before the Hot or Cool Institute (which looks at society and sustainability) shared if fashion really wanted to meet its global warming targets by 2030, then we simply must buy less, I already tasked myself with reducing my spending on new clothes in 2023. This was two fold - wanting to reduce my impact, and also wanting to spend less money!

The target that the Hot or Cool Institute set for the UK, was no more than five new items per person per year. I was looking back over purely my new purchases (not secondhand) this year, and my hit list was as follows:

  1. Stella Nova dress - rainbow

  2. Stella Nova dress - zebra

  3. Joanie green floral print dress 

  4. Slow Love Jumper - technically not new as bought in a sample sale, and had been worn previously in a photo shoot! 

  5. Commando leggings black 

  6. Frame black v neck t shirt 

  7. Sweaty Betty Rain Coat

  8. I'm Fine Pink Tulle Skirt (a very recent purchase and not available online so not linked here, but I have wanted a Tulle skirt for YEARS!)

Elevated Basic Pieces including Commando Leggings, Sweaty Betty Coat and Frame T Shirt

So without putting the restriction on myself of a specific 'Rule of 5' I did keep it to 7-8 items (excluding everyday basics such as underwear etc). One of my key focuses this year was to get some new dresses which would work really hard in my wardrobe and to invest in key items which would allow me to wear more of my existing wardrobe. Most of these items were bought with a discount of at least 15%, I am always a savvy shopper! (You can shop these items via my shopshare TV channel by clicking either of the images).

3 Dresses from Joanie and Stella Nova

As you can see from the list, I had a 50/50 mix of icing on top of the cake purchases vs core staple investment pieces for my wardrobe. I wanted to have fun this year with my style and be as bold as possible bringing that dopamine hit!

I've definitely learnt over the years that investing in fewer, better quality pieces, which will stand the test of time, saves me money in the long term and allows me to create my own individual sense of style. I made many a mistake in my 20's, buying into cheaper fast fashion versions of items I loved, only to have them break or wear out in such a short time period that they had to be replaced, and I may as well have bought the more expensive, better quality item in the first place!

Thinking of 2024, my intention will definitely be to stick to the Rule of 5, or less if I can manage it! I'm all about being fully intentional with my wardrobe, and I've really enjoyed slowing down my spending and shopping habits. I also love the opportunity to find things second hand and create my own unique style.

How did you get on this year? Do you feel you've nailed your own signature style? Do you have a focused wish list you'll be using to elevate your style in 2024?

If the answer to those questions was no, come and join me on zoom on January 18th at 7.45pm where I'll be sharing my 6 Step Formula to Elevate Your Style. This will give you the confidence and inspiration you need to nail your style in 2024 and create your wish list so you can feel amazing, whilst saving time, money and energy! Grab your FREE spot HERE.

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