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Sale Shopping Advice

8 January 2020

The Dressing Room St Albans Sale 9 Box Edit

I wanted to take the opportunity to reiterate some of my sale shopping advice I’ve shared before on Instagram, as its a very enticing time of the year when we can make the wrong decisions for our wardrobes! It can also be the best time to shop if you are savvy and you know the rules to follow whilst shopping the sales. Below are my Top 6 Golden Rules for savvy Sale Shopping: 1. PREMIUM SHOPPING It’s a great time to invest, so worth looking at places you wouldn’t normally shop due to them being price prohibitive such as @netaporter @theofficialselfridges @libertylondon You can get some really great quality premium pieces for an amazing price. Look for investment pieces missing from your wardrobe such as jeans, leather jacket, coats, basic t shirts, sportswear. I found a gorgeous @ganni leopard print dress I had wanted full price at Net a Porter with 60% off in their sale!

2. PLAN AHEAD It’s good to have your favourite pieces saved already ahead of sales either in your basket or in a wish list so that you don’t stray from what you really need. If you wouldn’t have bought it full price, do you really need it in your wardrobe? Another good way to plan ahead is to think about any special events or occasions you have coming up in the year ahead such as weddings, as it's a great time to get beautiful special occasion pieces, at a fraction of their usual cost. 3. STICK TO YOUR SIZE Stick to your size and don’t be tempted to buy a size thinking you will lose weight and fit into it later. This almost never happens and is such a waste of money as it will sit in your wardrobe with the tags on for months to come. Also don’t be put off by a size label if you’re trying on in store, it really means nothing and if you love it and it fits, buy it! 4. PRESENTS/KIDS CLOTHES It can be good for kids clothes to plan ahead and buy in the sales for birthday and Christmas for next year as you’ll have a rough idea of size/age. Places like @nextofficial are great for doing this and make good presents, as Kid's clothing trends don't age in the same way that Women's and Men's do. 5. DON’T BULK BUY, INVEST Don’t stock pile things just because they are cheap, it’s far better to invest in one item you love and will wear for years to come. The only exception to this is good quality basic items such as underwear and basic vests and t-shirts. These items you can justify buying in multiples of 2 or 3 as you know you will get a lot of wear out of them in your wardrobe. 6. CENSOR CHECK Think about what else you have in your wardrobe that compliments the item you’re buying. You should have at least 2-3 outfits in your mind to build from one item. For example, when considering buying the Ganni dress above, I thought I could wear it casual with trainers and a jumper, dressed up with a blazer and heels, or more edgy with hiking boots and a leather jacket. Happy Sale Shopping! Let me know if you get any fab bargains or need any more advice. I’m always happy to hunt down bargains at this time of year or any! I’m obsessed with trying to find the best price for what I want. . . . #saleshopping #shoppingonlinesale #salestips #shoppingtips #savvyshopper #personalshopper #personalstylist #wardrobeedit #styletips #outfitbuilding #christmassales #boxingdaysales #investmentpieces #bargainshopper #stylehunter #bargainhunter #buylesschoosewell #madetolast #shoplocal #supportlocalbusiness #stalbansmums #stalbansbusinesses

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