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Spring 2024 Fashion Trends: Bows, Sustainability, Relaxed Denim, and Statement Pieces

As we transition from the sales to the spring summer collections on the high street, it's time to embrace more sustainable practices when it comes to style, and focus more on timeless classics. Here's a rundown of what's big in 2024 but will also have longevity. And how you can incorporate these trends into your wardrobe while staying true to your personal style.

It’s important to remember most of the high street retailers create their designs 1 year ahead of when you buy them in store, apart from real fast fashion retailers like Zara who can achieve faster turnaround. Don’t be a slave to the trends, but instead use them as inspiration to first shop your own wardrobe. Get creative with sourcing new colours and items that you haven’t tried before in your own wardrobe – swap with friends, go to a local charity shop, set up an alert on ebay.

1. Sustainability & Craftsmanship:

In 2024, sustainability takes centre stage in designer collections. From fabric innovations to upcycling deadstock and previous season fabrics, the fashion industry is making strides toward a greener future. Designers like Stella McCartney are leading the charge by using innovative materials like Kelsun, a seaweed-based fibre with a significantly lower carbon footprint. Eckhaus Latta showcases 3D-woven trousers, reducing excess stock and embracing imperfections as part of the design.

relaxed workwear style inspiration

2. Relaxed Business:

Potentially with a post-COVID return to the office in mind, the SS24 runways featured workwear with a relaxed vibe. Think softer silhouettes, layering, neutrals, and feminine touches. The blazer remains a key staple, perfect for transitioning from desk to dinner.

high waisted suit catwalk image

3. High Waisted:

This trend offers versatility for everyday wear. Opt for mid to high-rise styles that flatter most body shapes, avoiding the discomfort of true high-rise cuts. Whether in wide-leg or straight-leg silhouettes, high-waisted trousers can be dressed up or down effortlessly.

trench coat trend

4. Trench Coat:

A perennial favourite, the trench coat undergoes subtle tweaks each spring. Look for preloved options from brands like M&S and Hobbs on platforms like Vinted and Ebay for timeless style with a sustainable twist.

wide leg jeans

5. Relaxed Denim:

Embrace the relaxed denim trend with wide-leg or straight-leg silhouettes in light wash distressed or darker washes. Marks & Spencer offers a diverse range of sustainable denim options, but don't overlook the treasure trove of preloved denim finds.

statement skirt style inspiration

6. The Statement Skirt:

There were a lot of sheer skirts coming off the catwalk which is not the easiest trend to wear without a slip! Instead find a statement piece in a gorgeous fabric or print and mix and match with different jackets to transition effortlessly from day to night.

embellished dresses catwalk inspiration

7. Embellished Dresses:

For those special occasions, indulge in embellished dresses featuring dramatic detailing with a soft, feminine touch. Consider renting for a one-time event or scouring platforms like Vinted for unique finds.

bow trend inspiration

8. Trend Spotlight: Bows:

Add a feminine flair to your outfit with bows, a huge trend for 2024. Whether adorning shoes, bags, hair or clothing, bows offer a versatile and chic accent for every style personality.

ss24 key items clothing

Key Items Clothing:

1. Trench Coat  

2. Statement Dress  

3. Statement Skirt  

4. High Waisted Trouser  

5. Wide Leg Jeans  

6. White Shirt  

7. Blazer  

8. Bow Detail Piece  

ss24 key items shoes

Key Items Shoes:

1. Kitten Heels  

2. Metallic Shoes  

3. Pointed Toe Flats  

4. Thong Sandals  

5. Ballet Flats  

6. Slimline Trainer  

7. Bow Detail Shoes  

8. Satin Shoes  

ss24 colour trends lilac

ss24 colour trends red

Colour Trends:

1. Lilac  

2. Red  

3. Gold/Metallics  

4. Pale Blue  

Don't be a slave to the colour trends and wear something that doesn't suit your skin tone, find out which shade of the on-trend colours actually work for YOU.

ss24 colour trend metallics gold

ss24 key prints leopard print, florals and stripes

Key Prints:

1. Leopard Print  

2. Florals  

3. Stripes  

By using these trends as inspiration for your existing wardrobe and only adding timeless pieces, you can feel relevant while minimising your environmental footprint. 

Remember, fashion is not just about following trends—it's about expressing yourself and embracing what makes you feel confident and empowered. So, go ahead, experiment with these trends, and make them your own!

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