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Sustainable Fashion Brand Spotlight: Pink City Prints

As we all start gearing up for some lovely hot weather next week, it got me thinking about my summer wardrobe. I don’t have a very extensive summer wardrobe and tend to invest a lot more in my Autumn/Winter pieces. However, I have had my eye on a dress from a brand called Pink City Prints since last year.

Pink City Prints was founded by Molly Russell. Each Pink City Prints piece has been worked on by hand; whether handspun, printed or embroidered, using techniques which have been passed from generation to generation. Molly creates the most stunning cotton dresses with the most beautiful prints. These are investment pieces with an average price tag of around £175. But they’re the kind of dresses which, although they have a nod to the trends, will last a lifetime in your wardrobe.

When you understand the process behind creating a dress, then the price tag makes total sense. For example An embroidered dress can take up to three days to complete. Everything is worked on by hand, and block printing can only be completed at certain times of the year due to weather conditions. Each different technique takes years to master, and requires high levels of skill and concentration. Reading more about this, made these items feel even more special to me. Below are my favourite picks from the collection.

For me, as I’ve shifted my mindset away from having all the newness, all the time. This kind of investment makes a lot more sense to me than buying 4 dresses from fast fashion retailers which won’t last as long, and weren’t made ethically. It really matters to me how I spend my money and the impact that has. Not only on the environment but also on the lives of others.

Some of my favourite inspirational images of Pink City Prints dresses from @carolinesstylehacks @erica_davies and @seenonsarah

We can absolutely balance off these investment pieces with cheaper items secondhand and preloved too. I have loved picking up some bargains over the last couple of weeks from ebay. I’ve found a couple of pieces which were on my wish list, new with tags. It takes patience and perseverance sometimes. I find setting up search alerts is the best way to find success for specific items I’m looking for. Below are a few Pink City Prints dresses I found on ebay this week.

It’s definitely taken me some time to accept that I can’t have everything I want immediately. But it’s also very satisfying when I do find those items, at a much reduced price, and I feel much better about my choices vs buying from fast fashion retailers, who have sketchy ethical principles. I still buy things from the supermarkets and some high street retailers, but they’re considered purchases which I know I will keep in my wardrobe for many years to come. We don’t have to be perfect, everyone making a small change will create a big difference.

I hope this has given you some inspiration for some beautiful pieces to invest in, as the weather starts to get warmer. If you’d like any more help searching for more sustainable items for your wardrobe, when you sign up to my website, you’ll be sent a link to my Luxe Sustainable Style Guide. This includes a Sustainable Fashion Brand Directory (which I’m continuously adding to since writing this so it will be forever evolving!) a Preloved & Vintage Brand Directory, Ethical Organisations & Influencers to Follow, my favourite 9 Box Edits on Sustainable & Preloved Retailers, tips on Charity Shopping and what to look out for when trying to find Sustainable Fabrics & Products!

I also offer Personal Shopping services both online and in person if you’d like some more help handpicking your new items. Or a Wardrobe edit to help you maximise your existing wardrobe. My Luxe for Less Wishlist service also helps you to hunt down preloved gems which you’ve been lusting over full price, at a fraction of the cost.

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