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Empowered Style: Learn The Foundations to Achieve Your Next Level of Style, 8 week program


The Empowered Style program embodies the essence of the 5 C's of Style Confidence formula. Empowering you to show up confidently, authentically, and with purpose, while curating a wardrobe that speaks to your unique personality and aspirations. This program will help you to: 1. Learn how to step into your authority and own your style unapologetically 2. Unearth the power of style to transform the way you feel when you show up as your true self 3. Teach you styling tips and tricks to elevate your style to the next level 4. Teach you the psychology and power of colour for your personality and brand 5. Help you to create your style vision and capsule wardrobe 6. Learn how to ditch the scales and embrace your size and shape as they are Are you ready to embrace your inner power and make a conscious impact through your style? Join the Empowered Style program and elevate your presence as a leader and trailblazer! Do you feel like you’ve stepped up in your life goals but lost your sense of style along the way? Are you faking confidence more than you’re feeling it? Stuck in a style rut? Have you lost sight of what makes you the unique woman and leader that you are? You might be feeling like you don't know what suits you anymore, and lacking the confidence to show up unapologetically with your style? Sometimes it’s an overwhelming lack of confidence which drives a desire to make a change, and sometimes it’s a relentless ‘meh’ feeling which tells you enough is enough.



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Empowered Style

Empowered Style

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