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Are You Ready To Make Your Style A Priority?

Are you a busy woman, spinning all the plates, tired of feeling like you're stuck in a style rut, lacking confidence? 

Maybe you feel like you have reached the next level in your life and career, but somewhere along the way you lost your style & it’s holding you back. You spend so much time (you don't have) stressing over what to wear, and feel that you have no outfits you feel amazing in, which represent who you are. 


You know better than anyone that your wardrobe is stuffed to bursting with clothes, yet you hear yourself mutter: ‘I haven’t got anything to wear!’ It happened to me and it happened to my previous clients too. BUT, with my help, you CAN take control of your identity, reclaim your style AND your confidence. Removing all the SHOULDS and drowning out the noise so you can focus on YOU and what lights YOU up.

Welcome to Your Next Level Of Reinvention...

Create your Dream Wardrobe and the transformation you've been searching for, with this in depth styling program. Luxe Style Formula builds your own VIP boutique in your home, a collection of items that excite you. You'll know exactly what to put together to nail your meeting, social occasion or event, with ease. So you can feel more Carrie Bradshaw and less Saffron from Ab Fab! 

The way you dress really CAN change your life. It did for me. And it has for my clients too.

My VIP 1-2-1 Luxe Style Formula can and WILL change the way you approach the world. 

It will change how you feel about yourself, the way you look, how you can dress for the YOU you are now and the woman you aspire to be. It has everything you need and more to be the very best version of yourself for you and the people lucky enough to be around you. 

My snap-it-up-before-summer special offer of £1200 or just £400 a month for 3 months is available now until 24th July (usually £1497)! Plus you get my 1-2-1 extra special bonus power hour for FREE which usually sells for £149 on its own! (You can also book now to secure the package and arrange your sessions for Autumn). A total saving of £446 and an additional session with me! What are you waiting for?!

Luxe Style Formula, 121 Style Program, Personal Stylist St Albans

Luxe Style Formula is THE experience for the woman who is ready to step up & unapologetically express who she is, so she can finally smash her career goals WITH STYLE. This bespoke 121 program begins with understanding your unique style personality and colour palette, without this you can’t get clear on what really works for you and the image you want to portray to the outside world.


You'll learn how to achieve unshakeable confidence with your style, whilst becoming a more conscious consumer, saving you time and money in the long term to spend on that Spa Day or Holiday! Look and FEEL good about your style. Feel empowered to harness the POWER OF STYLE to communicate your personal brand, and make a positive and lasting first impression.


If you're ready to make yourself a priority again, here’s what the Formula gets you to do...

"There were countless number of times I said “wow”. It was fun, exhilarating, and totally filled my specific brief. Alex also has such a  calming and lovely personality, the whole experience felt quite special."

Dewi, London

Style Personality


Identify your signature style personality with a personalised Pinterest board and in depth session to assess your style goals and aspirations. Get clear on what suits you and your unique style.

Leave behind in this session the need to compare yourself to others. Instead, create an authentic style that reaches a new level of effortless chic. Even your ‘jeans and a nice top’ is next level.

You will also receive your very own unique sustainable brand directory to suit your style and use as an ongoing reference point to take the hassle out of aligning your style with your values, saving you time and money.

Colour Analysis, Personal Stylist St Albans


Have your own personalised colour palette created by a Style Expert with swatches you can use when out shopping to guide your purchases. Saving you time and money as you’re no longer making mistakes when buying your clothes (or make up) in the wrong colours. Feel UNAFRAID to show up in your favourite colours to the office or to nail your meeting.

Achieve the glow which will make people at work ask you what you’ve changed, or if you’ve been on a holiday as you look more youthful.

Wardrobe Edit, Personal Stylist St Albans


You’ll discover what works within your existing wardrobe in alignment with your style personality. You’ll learn how to put together new outfits that compliment your own unique style AND body shape. We'll create your own VIP boutique at home, so you'll feel like you've been shopping without leaving the houseYou'll boost your confidence, knowing you've nailed your outfits for every possible occasion.

Prior to the session, perhaps you thought you had to change who you are to fit a style ideal, but now you will realise you have the tools to make the most of what you have and embrace YOU. Allowing you to show up with authentic confidence. Leave this session with a catalogue of new outfits without spending a penny!

Personal Shopping, Personal Stylist St Albans


Receive your very own personalised perfect wish list of pieces. Which will help you to create your dream capsule wardrobe of exquisite pieces that perfectly match your lifestyle. With a versatility which means you can mix and match, multiple different ways. Hello endless outfit options!

You will receive an in person shopping experience or your bespoke signature style look books with shoppable links. Take all the time and hassle out of shopping with your style expert. We will focus on sustainable fashion brands and preloved sources, aligned with your body shape, colours and signature style. Saving you money, so you can relax and enjoy shopping again!

Style Formula, Personal Stylist St Albans


This is where you get to design and harness your very own signature style formula, to create a wardrobe you can feel proud of, which aligns with your aspirations for your career and life. 


Imagine showing up everyday feeling excited about your outfit, ready to take on the world. Receiving lots of compliments about your look and people asking where your clothes are from, because they want in!


The program ends with a virtual or in person styling session, to complete your dream wardrobe and nail your signature style looks following the shop. You'll leave with a catalogue of outfits to pick from for every occasion.

You'll be confident & clear on what works for YOU. Achieve your goal of looking and feeling effortless when getting dressed in the morning!

What Else Is Included?

Receive a Luxe Style Formula Handbook with your unique Style Personality, Body Shape, Colour Palette and Wish List, your own physical colour palette of swatches, PLUS a 30 Day follow up ‘Stylist on Call’ service where you have your very own Style Expert on whatsapp, to answer any style or shopping dilemmas (this can be extended if you feel you need ongoing support or advice).

Ready to show up boldly, authentically & with purpose all whilst curating a wardrobe that expresses who you are both personally & professionally?

ALL OF THIS for an Investment of
 £1200 or just £400 a month for 3 months!

Plus you get my 1-2-1 extra special bonus power hour for FREE which usually sells for £149 on its own! A total saving of £446 and an additional session with me!

To put this investment into context, on average, my clients save up to £5K a year from no longer buying into items that don't work for them, and savings off RRP from buying preloved.


Plus imagine how many more pay rises or clients you will secure, when you're able to show up with authentic confidence and get truly visible thanks to your knockout style!

"[Alex] is nothing short of a magician for the transformation she has created for me. 

I feel like 'me' for the first time in years and now feel confident choosing items from my own wardrobe and wearing more colour! I feel like the best version of myself and can't wait to carry on exploring."

Sandie, Preston

This if For You If You Want To...

  • Show up to the office with confidence because you are not just “put together” have mastered the art of balancing professionalism and personality. 

  • Make an unforgettable first impression which perfectly conveys your personality & personal brand (we all have one)...

  • STOP feeling lost & unsure of what your style is. Stop going out to buy new things only to end up feeling more overwhelmed & feeling more frumpy

  • Feel excited by what you’re wearing, no more recycling the same 4 things from the top of the ironing pile because your wardrobe is curated with gorgeous signature pieces.

  • Give up comparing yourself to what everyone else is wearing and feeling like you would be further along if you could just nail that casual / relaxed style like your best friend.

  • Be done with feeling uncomfortable in your body. You are tired of walking past the mirror in the toilet feeling like you don’t quite recognise who you see and you want to feel comfortable, like your clothes are a second skin. 

  • To never have to resort to leggings & a top when working from home ever again, because your style has reached a new level of effortless chic. Even your ‘jeans and a nice top’ is next level.

  • You want to know exactly what to add to your wardrobe without spending a small fortune on fashion.

Luxe Style Formula, Personal Stylist St Albans

What Outcomes Can You Expect From the Luxe Style Formula?

  1. Imagine feeling so unstoppably confident you are ready for your next professional / personal goal.

  2. You will not only embrace but love your body shape & size (because you know exactly how to dress it) will more than likely ditch those scales for good.

  3. You will learn what colours work together and understand your own colours so that inner & outer glow radiates so intensely people are asking what you’ve had done.

  4. You will create a capsule wardrobe that feels like your own VIP boutique in your bedroom. 

  5. You will have your own outfit formula so you are never struggling to get ready for anything again.

  6. You will drop that fear of judgement, once & for all, because you have nailed your style & everyone knows it. 

  7. You will develop a tool kit to buy consciously so you are not only radiating style, you’re positively impacting the planet. 

  8. You will save time on worrying about what to wear, so that you can redirect that energy back into FUN & doing the things you love. 

  9. Feel confident to show up authentically as YOURSELF, feeling comfortable with being VISIBLE

  10. Feel empowered to harness the POWER OF STYLE to communicate your personal brand, and make a positive and lasting first impression

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