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Shop St Albans Christmas Gift Guide

8 November 2020

During the last lockdown I felt really strongly that I wanted to help support small and local businesses as much as possible. So every Sunday evening I posted one of my 9 Box Edits showcasing my favourite fashion, jewellery and gifts from small independent businesses. I know as a small business myself how much the small things mean. Such as a like, comment or share on social media, to help support your business in such a tough time.

As we’re heading into Christmas, it broke my heart hearing the news of the second lockdown. As well as the sadness of the rising death rates from Covid 19, I was also thinking of all of the retailers who would have to close their doors during what should be their peak selling time leading up to Christmas. So I want to do my bit and show my support as much as possible for those businesses affected. I’m going to reintroduce my Sunday Small Business 9 Box Edits, but wanted to start this week with a special blog post dedicated to some small local independent businesses in St Albans, as a Local Christmas Gift Guide.

Not only will this help support these businesses but I hope it will give you lots of ideas for Christmas Gifts. I’ve picked my favourite fashion items from local boutiques such as The Dressing Room (above) and Chloe James Lifestyle (below). Jewellery from Charlie & Chesca, gifts from Gather & Give, Cositas and Flowerbox St Albans, to name but a few. My favourite piece from The Dressing Room has to be the vibrant Miss Pom Pom scarf, but I also highly recommend the Air & Grace trainers and boots which I own and love. Chloe James not only have the fantastic fashion choices shown below perfect for the Fashionista in your life, but also lots of other amazing gifts such as jewellery, candles and toiletries.

All of these items are available to buy online or through click and collect, so no hassle involved at all! The other thing I love about shopping local is it helps save the planet! It reduces air pollution and your carbon footprint by keeping it local and short distance. You’re also supporting the local economy as local businesses give back to the local community. I was very kindly gifted the below leopard and tan suede western boots from Mimma London last Christmas and I love them, super comfortable and amazing quality. I love that Tommy & Lottie is a truly Sustainable Fashion brand, and the colours they offer in their organic cotton sweatshirts are gorgeous and offer a lot of choice.

Cosita's, Gather & Give and Flowerbox are 3 of my all time favourite gift shops in St Albans, and probably in the UK! I love the idea of sending flowers this year around Christmas, as we're not able to see each other but we can let our loved ones know we are thinking of them. I love the flasks from Gather & Give above, super stylish and practical, whilst reducing our impact on the environment. And the champagne glasses from Cosita's are to die for.

Earley's boutique is really special to me, as Tony gave me the opportunity to run my first ever Styling event at his gorgeous store with Lisa of Style with Wisdom, he always has a fab collection of prints and knitwear in his range.

I've also made a Shop Share TV video talking you through my favourite pieces from the GIft Guide which includes shoppable links so you can find the direct links in the video from the pieces mentioned. Click below to learn more:

Why not share this gift guide with your husbands, boyfriends and partners as a gentle nudge to help them buy you something special for Christmas this year whilst supporting a small local business?! I’m also offering gift vouchers for my Personal Styling services if you’d like a special treat and pick me up for the New Year.

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